Regardless of which package you choose when it comes time to scale up, you’ll be ready.

For managed WordPress accounts we will re-deploy your site to AWS using Docker containers to turn on autoscaling. Your WordPress site gets deployed across multiple EC2 instances on AWS by using Docker, RDS for the managed MySQL database server and CloudFront with S3 for delivering static files. The WordPress itself will remain hosted on Nginx with php7-fpm.

For dedicated server clients, we will expand your EC2 infrastructure on AWS to include more regions and create more RDS zones. We will also setup the CloudFront CDN. All of this will be taken care of for you.

For Plesk hosting clients, we will migrate your website onto CloudFront and evaluate the performance of your site with a programming audit and determine the efficiency of your database usage. We understand that you may be using Drupal or WordPress and that your custom programming may require custom solutions. We are ready for that.