Your website might be a collection of static pages with images and video, or it may be a little more complex than that. We have many years of experience transferring websites on to and away from our servers.

Sites based on a CMS such as WordPress and Drupal are a collection of three main components. The first component is the database which holds most of the dynamic information for your website. The second component will be your files. For example, in WordPress, your files are the contents of your “inc” folder, and in Drupal, they are the files in your “files” folder. The third component will be your application. For example, in both WordPress and Drupal, your app is made up of all of the PHP files.

When we transfer a website, we package up all three components together on the outgoing server paying attention to the settings of all connections and software requirements. On the receiving server, we setup the same software requirements and reconfigure all the settings to use the new locations. For example, your database will be exported from the old server and moved into a new database for the new server(s). Then the application will be configured to connect to the new database in the settings. For WordPress, this all happens in the wp-config.php file. If you are curious, it is a good place to look, and you will learn a lot by understanding the changes.

After moving so many sites, we’ve learned how to traverse even the most complex configurations and resolve issues. Common problems include URL re-writes and improper settings.

Regardless of how easy or how difficult your migration is (or will be) there are a few things that you must have to conduct a transfer of a website. First, you need to control your nameservers.

Your name servers are what hold all of the addressing information for your domain name. This addressing information includes many details such as the addresses of your mail servers and which IP contains your website. When moving a site, we need to be able to change the IP address of the site from the old server to the new one. Moving a site does not require a domain name transfer; rather it only requires editing a single record on the nameservers.